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Later on Hannah calls Jessa

Hannah eats more Cool Whip and rips out a haircut from a magazine and tries to copy it but instead gives herself a hideous haircut. Well, “It’s not that bad,” she says. (Yes it is). She seeks help from Laird, who tries to even out her haircut. “I think I nailed this,” he says with a straight face. Hannah now looks like a 12-year-old boy. “I’m feeling just a little bit frail,” she says and wonders if she looks really thin. Nope, Laird says. Hannah says nobody cares about her anymore. “Laird, I’m so dizzy and nauseous. I don’t feel…” and she lays down and tells Laird to be reasonable because she doesn’t have the strength to fight him off. (He wasn’t making any sexual advance). Laird tells Hannah that she’s the most self-involved, presumptuous person he’s ever met. Yes, he had feelings for her until he realized how rotten her insides were. “I think it’s a pretty dark scene inside your head,” he says.

Later on Hannah calls Jessa and leaves her an angry message. “Where did you go and who am I supposed to talk to if you won’t answer your f___ing phone? That anorexic Marnie? F___ing Shoshanna? My stalker ex-boyfriend? It’s not like any them want to talk to me and I don’t blame them because I cut off all my f___ing hair!” Hannah is having a breakdown. “I hope you’re having a great time!” she screams.

Hannah and Adam

Adam is in his apartment doing some construction work but then decides to do demolition work. He takes a baseball bat and starts smashing everything, yelling “F___ her!” Until he’s stopped by his ringing phone. Who could it be, but Hannah! She Facetime’s him. She tries to make some small talk but he cuts to the chase: “What do you want?” Hannah says she was checking in and wanted to know if he was doing better. Hannah says life is intense and you have to ride it like a pony or you’re going to get a haircut. Adam sees that Hannah isn’t well and sees her OCD act up. “Hannah? Is that still going on? That stuff from high school? That OCDC sh_t?” She tells him that she’s unraveling and she’s really scared. He tells her to stay there, he’s coming. And with no shirt on he runs over to her place (they stay on Facetime the whole time). Do you like the victorious music playing in the background? Also, did you catch Shoshanna making out with a blond adult and Charlie and Marnie going on a grown-up date that Shosh craves so much?
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